Why Choose Us?

Family Law, done efficiently.

We are a family law firm dedicated to helping people resolve their matters with minimum wasted effort or expense.

We have set out to be different from your traditional family law firm. We have developed services aimed at providing more value for money to our clients. This is what sets us apart:

Unbundled Family Law Service - We are pioneers in providing unbundled family law services. You get the option of only paying for the services you require. We have unbundled family law into advice, document preparation and court representation. You choose.

Full Family Law Services - If unbundling is not your thing, we offer full family law services at low cost for people wanting ongoing family law assistance.

Free 1 Hour Consultation - Your initial consultation with us is FREE! You get a free one hour initial consultation where you can freely discuss your issue and work out the best and cost efficient way forward.

Fixed Fee Packages - We offer fixed fee packages on most of our services. Our fees are fixed and clear, you will not have to worry about escalated legal costs.

Clear Payment Plans - In addition to our fixed fees, we also offer clear payment plans to help you remain in control of your legal costs.

Dedicated Service - We practice exclusively in Family Law and this focus has provided us with extensive experience in the area.

Tailored Service - No two family law matters are the same, your matter is different and should be treated as such. What does not differ from matter to matter is the amount of time and effort which is put in to ensure that our clients are cared for, understood and listened to.

Open On Saturdays - We understand that sometimes it is almost impossible to find time to see a lawyer during the traditional 8:30am - 5:00pm hours and as such, we have made our services more accessible by opening on Saturdays and after-hours.